Wednesday, 9 March 2011

View from my office window

Bit cloudy today but managed to do a few jobs.
The fun has gone out of business rates now that the Valuation Office have moved the goal posts.
They don't let you have their rental evidence and as there was practically none about at 01.04.08 where do they get their figures from?

Baking wholemeal bread

and made peanut cookies... calorific!

Working in Fuerteventura

Arrived 'Costa Lotta' Saturday late with David - not too dusty inside!
Smoke alarm beeping. Can't find a battery seems hard wired.
Slept with ear-plugs!
Sunday - Stocked up with food - some Blanc de Blancs seco from Catalunya 2 euros and a big yellow chicken chopped into ocho pieces including a long neck!
David cleaned the fountain and then heavens opened - mopping and sweeping water out the kitchen door. (cut my finger and blood dripping) as I paddled out to the yard and unblocked the drain with a chop stick!
Beep! beep!
Later drank white wine watching the sun drying the steaming garden....
Sneezing have a cold! Beep! beep!
Cooked lovely pot of chicken, rice, pots, veg in white wine sauce..
Monday - streaming cold, legs like lead. Beep! beep!
checked with Developers about smoke alarm - they did not install it so may be its not hard wired!
Sent David up the ladder to use brute strength and " rip it off the ceiling, lad" and joy he did - beeping battery nestling underneath - soon killed ..ahhh!!