Saturday, 23 July 2011

must learn how to import photos!

sorry for the mess made of the last posting
will try harder!

Green Park 1972

I am looking at a photo taken at Green Park Westminster about 39 years ago
I have the baby tightly on reins as she leans forward white woolen mittens holding onto a low railing as she is delighted by the ducks on the water.
A round ball of warm happy Sarah, her curls peeping from the hat.
My shoe in the photo is a high heeled brogue, red woolen flared trousers and
a red, white and black soft tweed coat, flared from a tight waist with black fox around the cuffs.
The leaves have fallen from the trees and the late Autumn sunshine is bright.

Not in the photo is the young me
so in love with this child
and happy with my marvelous coat with its round black fox collar
matching my thick dark hair.

I am crying now for the memories and the lost me.