Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Working in Fuerteventura

Arrived 'Costa Lotta' Saturday late with David - not too dusty inside!
Smoke alarm beeping. Can't find a battery seems hard wired.
Slept with ear-plugs!
Sunday - Stocked up with food - some Blanc de Blancs seco from Catalunya 2 euros and a big yellow chicken chopped into ocho pieces including a long neck!
David cleaned the fountain and then heavens opened - mopping and sweeping water out the kitchen door. (cut my finger and blood dripping) as I paddled out to the yard and unblocked the drain with a chop stick!
Beep! beep!
Later drank white wine watching the sun drying the steaming garden....
Sneezing have a cold! Beep! beep!
Cooked lovely pot of chicken, rice, pots, veg in white wine sauce..
Monday - streaming cold, legs like lead. Beep! beep!
checked with Developers about smoke alarm - they did not install it so may be its not hard wired!
Sent David up the ladder to use brute strength and " rip it off the ceiling, lad" and joy he did - beeping battery nestling underneath - soon killed ..ahhh!!

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